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Pearl mala from India
In certain meditations (mantra meditation) malas are used to count the number of mantras recited. Our malas consist of 108 beads or seeds. This number is also the number of mantras, which are usually chanted 108 times. However, malas are much more. With each mantra, the meditation power is stored in the mala, which is then available as a protective object of power and energy. A mala should be worn on the body as much as possible, preferably around the neck. Other people should not touch them.
Especially lotus malas, rudraksha malas and sandalwood malas can store meditation energy very powerfully.

The malas offered in our shop come from India. They were energetically cleaned and blessed in a special ceremony.
Further information on request.
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Onyx - Shivalingam
Stressful everyday things can be "discharged" using a wide variety of techniques. A very intense discharge stone can be a black onyx lingam.
All black stones have the property of discharging negativity. This onyx has a very special strength for this.
The lingam offered here has dimensions of approx. 40mm (0-90g).

Shiva means "light" or "fire" and lingam means "pillar" or "tower". Shivalingam therefore means "pillar of light (or fire)". The elongated, oval shape of the lingam symbolizes the invisible, unmanifest power of creation, the male energy. In its form, the Shivalingam represents the essence of man, his soul. Each Shiva Lingam radiates both masculine and feminine energies incessantly, creating a balancing and balancing effect on the body and mind.

Benefits and uses of the Shiva Lingam

If you meditate regularly with the lingam, it absorbs and stores the energy. In this way he becomes a valuable companion on the spiritual path. In order to use the effect of the lingam, one holds it in the hands, places it on the heart area or on the third eye.

The lingam can hold negativity indefinitely and does not need to be discharged itself.

Lingames are not always in stock. Please inquire about delivery options.
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VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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