sugar alternative

sugar alternative
The healthy alternative to using sugar Annotation: Products that contain more than 10% polyols can sometimes have a laxative effect. This can be counteracted by getting used to it (increasing the dosage). Information at:
Birch sugar xylitol/ xylitol xucker 4.5 kg household grain

4.5 kg Xucker (xylitol / xylitol) of high purity (>99.5%) in a 4.5 kg box (W195mm*L195mm*H195mm) made of white polypropylene with a guarantee seal (resealable) and a practical carrying handle. Compared to sugar, xylitol contains about 40% less carbohydrates and thus allows you to enjoy it without regrets. Xylitol, also known as birch sugar, is a natural type of sugar. A major benefit of xylitol over sugar is that not only does it not cause tooth decay, it actually helps prevent it. In addition, xylitol is broken down without insulin, so diabetics can also use it as part of their diet plan. Our xylitol is vegan (no animal ingredients), kosher (Jewish purity law) and halal (Muslim purity law). The granulation roughly corresponds to table sugar. Simply replace the previous sugar with Xucker with the same sweetening power

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